Recreation and Leisure Center Borowik invites you to organize all kinds of family and business events. Many years of experience in the accommodation and catering industry allows us to prepare an offer for everyone.

We recommend conferences, trainings, integration parties, feasts, picnics, banquets, communions, weddings e.t.c.

We offer:

  • tasty cuisine with a varied menu, which we will adapt to your wishes (exemplarymenu at the bottom of the page)
  • professional catering and technical service
  • multimedia equipment
  • direct access to WI-FI internet
  • musical setting
  • organization of additional attractions
  • comfortable accommodation

At your disposal:

  • Conference and trainingroom for 40 people
  • Two banquet halls for family events, each for 40 people
  • Two grill bars for social events for up to 200 people
  • Borowik restaurant with a spacious covered terrace for up to 100 people
  • A new banquet hall for 200 people

If you are interested in our offer, please contact by phone or e-mail, or personally at the reception of OW Borowik or Dom Wczasowy Zielony.


We recommend organizing family events such as weddings, communions, birthdays, name days etc. Our professional technical facilities and experienced staff guarantee that your guests will leave us satisfied. We recommend typical receptions at the table with waiter service or reception with a buffet both inside or around the campfire and grill.


In cooperation with Terenowiec company, we offer our guests very interesting integration events. The offer includes many attractions: paintball, quads, inflatable objects, zorba, etc. We present a few selected ones, however, it is possible to organize events according to individual arrangements – just contact us!




sample offer for a group of 60 people

From the group of 60 people will be selected 4 teams that will be dressed in military uniforms and marked with different colors. There will be a draw which teams will play against each other. Each team will play 3 matches. First for familiarization and two for points. We offer a set: a set of uniforms, a marker, mask, protectors, 200 balls. The approximate cost of the event for the entire group – 3000 PLN net (50 PLN / person).


sample offer for a group of 60 people

We divide the whole group into 4 teams. Each group is marked with color equivalents. Each group gets its tutor-instructor, who will also be guiding you through the competition, but also evaluating your team. Each service member is dressed in national costumes, which emphasizes the nature of the football event. We organize a team tournament and which team will win, i.e. it will have a better point balance – wins. Cup, diplomas and medals included in the price. All people from the service for highlighting the climate are dressed in costumes and hats of the Polish national team.

Mega football table   – also known as trombamples, is an enlarged version of a game known for playing two teams. This is the perfect competition combining the bandwidth and simultaneous involvement of up to twelve people in a simple and well-known game. The whole game takes place on an inflatable pitch, which, being partially covered, makes it impossible in most cases to fall outside the field. What is important, just like in the bar game prototype, here too, people who play football are attached to special crossbars depending on the position taken on the pitch individually, in pairs or threes. Teams are 6 people. We will play the tournament for the best team, the peer-to-peer method.

Bungy Run   – competition will show which team has strong players. Two people on two tracks, each one strapped to rubber. Which of the people will run the farthest and mark it with a special cushion on the velcro wins. Who slip “comes back” from where he came.

Athlete   – every strongman is a strongman so we will try who will throw the medicine ball.

Dragging the car   – Team competition. It requires the effort of the whole group. For a time, participants turn into Football Strong Men, who together do not do small acts.

Indicative cost of the afternoon scenario for a group of 60 people – PLN 3,100.00 net


an example offer for any large group

Treasure hunt is a scenario of the event directed to those who like exciting adventures and all bored with the routine of everyday life. The group will be divided into several teams, each of them will receive GPS and a map with marked places to reach in each stage of the trip. For the purpose, wise heads will have to decipher a riddle containing a hint as to how to get to the next point. Each team will have to overcome the route and face a unique task. All must ultimately reach a common goal, where a hidden treasure will await them. What will it be? Maybe beer cans, wine box or company gadgets? It depends only on your imagination.

Examples of competitions

  • Minefield – the group’s task is to find one of the keys using a metal detector.
  • Shooting range – the task of the group is to get as a certain number of points on an airgun or paintball range
  • Spiderwebs – ropes imitate infrared beams that can not be touched.The group’s task is to go to the other side to get the key
  • Arcs – a certain number of points allows you to get thekey
  • sawing bala – a pair of players take a saw in a hand and saw a wooden stake at the end of which is located

We can use any attraction or game we can use for the above scenario.

Do you want to be in peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city in direct contact with nature to take part in training, business meetings, organize a conference or a friendly convention you should reach us. Good accommodation conditions as well as tasty and healthy meals are conducive to good rest and effective training. We have a lecture hall and banquet rooms fully equipped with audiovisual equipment.

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