Attractions in our resort and surroundings

Our holidaymakers can enjoy a variety of attractions in the area of ​​own facilities and attractions located in the immediate area that provide services to our guests on a partnership basis.


To enhance the stay, we organize the following events:

Family fireplace with sausages We ask families to prepare family performances – songs, skits, etc.
Dance games for children and adults

20:00 – 21:00 – Fun for children 
21:00 – 01:00 – Fun for adults

Free admission for campers

A dance party for everyone willing 20:00 – 01:00, entry fee 5.00 PLN / person


On the premises of the Holiday House ZIELONY there are two picnic places with the possibility of barbecue and lighting the campfire. The smaller grill gazebo will accommodate about 20 – 30 people, while the larger can take about 80 people.


In the Borowik Center, there are, among others, a game room, a volleyball court, or a playground for children:

We also have a grill bar ready to accept up to 200 participants of picnics, party feasts. The specialty of this place is a wonderful grilled steak, skewers, corned pork knuckle and many other delicacies.

The restaurant Borowik will take care of good moods after eating a tasty and hearty meal. Fried fish, boletus cream soup or a rich selection of Silesian or Old Polish dishes will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Eating a meal to the sound of birds singing is an amazing experience!

Meals can be consumed not only in our restaurant, but also in the summer cafe located right on the beach.

In the immediate area you can rent floating equipment at Brysiówka rental and go-carts:

It is also possible to practice water sports:

Fishing is a favorite activity during holiday vacation, especially if you catch a big fish.



Five cycling routes were led and marked within the boundaries of the Turawa commune:

Route No. 18 (C): leads to the north side of the lake next to the resorts of Antoninek and Rybaczówka, 12.8 km . 

Route No. 19 (Z): leads along the south side of the lake next to the holiday resorts located there, catching up with the Małe Lake and Średnie Lake. The route passes the side of Kotorz ​​Wielki village, 19.7 km . 

These are the most beautiful routes forming a loop around Lake Turawskie, closing in the east in the municipality of Ozimek. Both routes converge in the center of Turawa near the palace complex and the forest inspectorate. In the east direction, the route leads towards Ozimek, Kolonowskie and Tarnowskie Góry, while in the second direction route 18 (C) leads south-west through Chrząstowice towards Opole, and route 19 (Z) leads north to Bierdzany village, where there is a beautiful wooden, historic church.

The remaining routes are local:

Route No. 112 (N): leads from the center of Turawa next to the hydroelectric power plant, then along the forest next to the Srebrne Lake to Osowiec, 9.2 km . 

Route 113 (S): is a short connection to the center of Turawa with the Srebrne Lake, 2.3 km . 

Route No. 115 (S): allows you to get to know the eastern part of Turawa commune, linking Bierdzany with Zakrzów Turawski, where we will also meet a historic sacral building. It will also lead a tourist to Poliwoda in the Ozimek commune to a fishing center, 11.4 km . 

See more about cycling routes in Turawa

We work with many partner companies providing services in the field of entertainment and recreation. We present some offers from the area:


A picturesque fishing ground open every day. Located far from civilization, the fishery consists of 5 ponds with a total area of ​​9hertar water mirrors. Only 10 km away from our resort.


Another beautiful special fishery. Distance of 5km.


Stable Zawada is located in Zawada, 5 kilometers from Opole, by the road to Kluczbork in the Opolskie Voivodeship.

Stable traditions date back to the 90s, when a farm stable was established on the basis of the farm of Barbara and Herbert Pikos. Over the years, the stable has also adopted a breeding form.

Since 2008, Stable Zawada has been run by the daughter and son-in-law of Pikoses – Joanna and Tomasz Gryg and has a typical recreational character.

“Running a stable and working with horses became our life changing it by 180 degrees. We are happy that we have realized our dreams of breeding horses and dealing with them on a daily basis. We are happy to welcome you in our stable, where you can actively relax by horse riding and take advantage of other attractions. “

ATTENTION!  All our guests receive discount!


Mr. Władysław Pelczar: tel. 668 193 212. You have to make an appointment the day before.

  • 3 horses for tourists
  • instructor
  • negotiable price
  • forest rides


The Tennis Center Hart was founded in 2000. It is located in the town of Zawada, 5 kilometers from Opole by the road to Kluczbork in the Opolskie Voivodeship. For its guests, it offers a number of sports attractions:

  • tennis
  • mini tennis
  • squash
  • badminton
  • gyms


A paleontological museum, an amusement park, active excavations, dinosaurs, place for swimming and many other attractions.

Dinopark is located in Krasiejów, only 20 km from our resort!

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